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Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention

We initially started to build this as an internal tool for our partner company. It was quickly realized that price enforment and monitoring is not a unique problem so we decided to build this as a cloud-based platform that others can benefit from.

We eat our own "dog food"

That's slang for, we use this product too!

Our partner company is a very large online retailer of fitness, safety, and medical supplies. They helped start this project and grow it by using Pricing Protection to help maintain the competative pricing landscape on over 20,000 products.

What makes us unique?

We have some very creative minds working behind the scenes everyday, using the product and finding ways to constanty improve it.

A perfect exmple is our very intelligent price scanning engine. We can very easily scan for sellers of your product and monitor them on a daily basis with very little work from you. The highly automated functionaltiy of Pricing Protection allows you to maintain focus on core business decisions without placing your staff 'in the weeds' of monitoring pricing everyday.

We are highly receptive to your needs. We don't mind custom coding solutions that will make this product better for everyone. Your feedback will never fall on deaf ears.

Because this Pricing Protection was grown from an internal project, we are not looking to get rich from this. Our costs are simply there to cover the resources that it takes to make our service run effectivly and efficiantly. This means that we are able to price our rates incredible low compared to similar services.


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$199 /month

  • 50 Products
  • 100 Monitored Sellers
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Advanced Plan

Broader focus with the ability to monitor more sellers.

$499 /month

  • 500 Products
  • 1000 Monitored Sellers
  • Limited Support
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You have a large product catalog with many sellers.

$899 /month

  • Unlimited Products
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How It Works...

There's a few different ways Pricing Protection can work for you...

Price Scanning

Simply enter a product name and your price. Within minutes you can see who is selling online and for how much.

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Price Monitoring

Once you verify who is selling your product, we will automatically monitor them and alert you when we detect a change.

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Price Enforcement

We will take a snapshot of the sellers website and send them a friendly (customizable) message on your behalf.

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What Others Are Saying...

" I looked high and low for the right system, listens and met our every need. Pricing Protection has added some functionally that is specific to our industry and without this valuable tool we would have had to recreate the wheel and code our own solution. Which would have caused us issues during our new ERP system rollout. We are very happy with the level of service and their constant effort to make the product better and industry specific. "

— David Kirsch Zuo Modern Contemporary, Inc.

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